Mental Health Awareness Doesn’t End in May for the Mental Wellness Center

Throughout the pandemic, many people who had never experienced mental health challenges found themselves struggling for the first time. If […more…]

Changing Course

For nearly 75 years, the aim of Santa Barbara’s Mental Wellness Center has been to help adults living with mental […more…]

Mental Wellness Center
Phone: (805) 884-8440 x 3298
Amanda Conroy


The mission of the Mental Wellness Center is to advance mental wellness in Santa Barbara.
Since 1947, the Mental Wellness Center has been building hope for individuals and families, providing support in recovery and raising awareness of mental health within the Santa Barbara community.

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Pushing Back Against Mental Health Stigma

“The Mental Health Matters curricula (6th grade and high school) have evolved over the past twelve years, engaging students in interactive learning opportunities about mental health issues. I have had the honor of working with an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about teaching youth the importance of early intervention as well as how to push back against stigma via education and information. Youth are also learning wellness practices such as mindful breathing, gratitude and kindness.”
– Ann Lippincott, Ph.D., volunteer and long-term donor and Mental Wellness Giving Society member.

Board of Directors

Andy Carnaghe
Karel deVeer
Ned Emerson
Paul Eckerson, MD
Edwin Feliciano, MD
Ian Fillipini
Darcy Keep, RN
Ann Lippincott, PhD
Michele Pouget-Drum
Pam Reeves, MD
Julie Kessler Solomon