Organic Soup Kitchen Crab Boil Fundraiser Raises $30,000

Funds move low-income cancer patients, seniors, and chronically ill off waiting list    Organic Soup Kitchen hosted a Crab Boil […more…]

Organic Soup Kitchen’s “Buy One, Give One” Keeps the Lights On SoupMeal sales provide sustainability during funding decline

Organic Soup Kitchen SoupMeals are flying out the door to residents who want to support their friends and neighbors in […more…]

Organic Soup Kitchen Bridges Gap in Nutritional Services

Collaboration with local agencies provides expanded food security   Organic Soup Kitchen has joined forces with over a dozen local […more…]

At Organic Soup Kitchen, the Proof is in the Soup

Historians say that soup has been a staple of the human diet as long as man has cooked his food. […more…]

Life Saving Soup

Anthony Carroccio, Executive Director and founder of Organic Soup Kitchen, has a profound vision for his 120-gallon steam kettles. “We […more…]

Organic Soup Kitchen
Phone: (805) 364-2790
COO: Andrea Slaby


Organic Soup Kitchen provides oncology nutrition and addresses food insecurity to a diverse demographic of individuals struggling with the effects of cancer and chronic illnesses.

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“I’m inspired by the thousands of community members Organic Soup Kitchen supports, as well as the dozens of people who volunteer their time to create such a fantastic product and valuable service. I’m a huge fan of their soups. They don’t just taste fantastic, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that boost the immune system and increase energy. I love that my purchases and donations help provide soup to nourish and heal community members struggling with cancer or chronic illness. It’s a shining example of this organization’s impact on those most in need.”
– Jane Orfalea

Be a SouperHero

Monthly donors are the heartbeat of our organization. Join a community of compassionate heroes on a mission to bring about positive change in the lives impacted by Cancer and chronic illness. To be a part of this life-giving organization, please visit

Advisory Board

Christina Baglas
Sharmila Gunasekara
Catherine Bodziner
Heidi Hullander
Luisa Hyatt
Diana Joiner
Victoria Kheel
Cassandra Ortiz-Fildey
Lori Strantz
Debra Geiger
Beth Geiger
Brigette Yin
Joanne Shefflin
Berna Kieler
Yvette Giller
Cheryl Doty
Taiana Giefer
Charlotte Andersen
Angel Speier
Mary Kay Fry
Melissa Christou
Beverly Jacobson Schler