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Life Saving Soup

Anthony Carroccio, Executive Director and founder of Organic Soup Kitchen, has a profound vision for his 120-gallon steam kettles.

“We see ways to use the medicinal value of whole organic food to make a difference in Cancer recovery.”

Since 2009, Anthony and his team have been working alongside leading Cancer specialists to formulate metabolically charged soup recipes high in phytonutrients.

“The correlation between organic food and disease is a powerful one,” Carroccio says. “If you had Cancer, or your mom had Cancer, and you only had two to three tablespoons of anything to give her a day, our soup is what you would give her.”

Carroccio and his team stick to a rigorous schedule to ensure that more than 600 Cancer patients and immune-compromised residents in Santa Barbara County are delivered the nutrient packed soups every week. Ninety-five percent of their clients are over 65 and facing financial hardship.

All SoupMeals are handcrafted weekly at the Organic Soup Kitchen’s downtown Santa Barbara, environmentally conscious, industrial sized kitchen. It all starts with a Sous-Chef and a team of trained kitchen workers slicing and dicing 500-600 pounds of organic produce – 90 percent sourced locally. After the soups are slowly cooked and hermetically sealed for safety in 24-ounce containers, they are hand delivered by a team of delivery drivers.

The recent addition of bone broth to the plant-based menu gives clients additional quality options and provides the extraordinary healing properties of the vitamins and minerals extracted from organic, free range chicken bones.

“We’re meeting a critical need locally, but the reality is that the crisis of food scarcity and a poor diet exists across our country,” Carroccio says. “We’d love nothing more than to expand our reach and help even more people in need of clinical nutrition.”

For a 10-year-old boy named Atlas battling T-Cell Leukemia, the Organic Soup Kitchen has been a saving grace: “Staying nourished has been a priority and a struggle throughout. Your beautiful soups are helping me to continue this quest for wellness. Thank you so very much!”