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The Santa Barbara Community is Like Peanut Butter — and Unity Shoppe — the Jelly!

With school back in session, it’s an exciting time of the year for many children, but, sadly, there are thousands of low-income families living in our midst who face a shortage of food at home. The pandemic has made it incredibly challenging for many needy residents to feed their families, but supporting Unity Shoppe can help dramatically. Here’s how.


  • Low income families spend 60% of their income on rent, which means they don’t have as much to spend for food and other essentials!
  • Kids who face food insecurity every day find school 100% more difficult — persistent hunger interferes with their ability to focus and learn!

Unity Shoppe’s food shelves are nearly empty.

Peanut butter, whole grain cereals and other nutritious foods must be replenished in order to  give kids and their families the foods they need and love to eat! 

What’s more, throughout the month of September, a generous matching gift from our 90-year old friend, Theodore Sampson, will multiply donations from the Community.

Monetary donations can be made by mail to 1209 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101; or online at www.unityshoppe.org/ways-to-give/ and clicking on the BACK TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE donate button.