The Nurturers

To Truly Make a Difference

photo by Edward Clynes One risks straining credulity when asserting that a person radiates warmth over a Zoom call. Nonetheless, here is Dr. Ed Birch, dressed for success in a crisp, pale-blue Oxford, doing just that as he reaches across the great pandemic divide from a computer in his study. As we speak, Birch, who is steady but not studied and accomplished without a trace of arrogance, manages the neat trick of making a virtual stranger feel like a friend at a time when we all could use such things.  I suppose this small gift of humanity would come as [...more...]

Life Saving Soup Organic Soup Kitchen

Anthony Carroccio, Executive Director and founder of Organic Soup Kitchen, has a profound vision for his 120-gallon steam kettles. “We […more…]

United in Crisis and Community United Way of Santa Barbara County

For the nonprofits that matter, mission statements are much more than words on paper. They are the foundation of that […more…]

Making it Home PATH

From 2015 through 2020, homelessness in Santa Barbara County grew by roughly 10% to 1,897 men, women and children. The […more…]

A Century of Dignity and Respect Unity Shoppe

For more than 100 years, Unity Shoppe, a multifaceted nonprofit serving Santa Barbara’s residents, has maintained an unwavering focus on […more…]

Feeding Hungry People During a Rolling Crisis Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

When disaster struck in the form of COVID lockdowns and an unfolding economic crisis, the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County […more…]